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D & B Promotionals is your full-service provider for all your promotional products, logo materials, printing and wearable advertising apparel for your business or event. Our goal is to assist you in developing promotional campaigns to help GROW your business.  We are equipped to work for you to increase VISIBILITY and SUCCESS with proven results. We want to serve you and go beyond only providing products for purchase. Let us create your IDEAS using our EXPERTISE and knowledge to develop creative targeted promotions and positive problem solving solutions.  We operate on a personal basis valuing our RELATIONSHIP with you first and promise to SERVE you and your business 100%!

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"Without promotion, something terrible happens - NOTHING!"
P.T. Barnum

How will my business survive during a down-turn of the economy? What is my marketing plan? Is there a plan that will work? How can I reduce waist of valuable advertising revenue? Do my customers have a good reason to do business with me?

All these questions and more surface during times of economic down-turn. It all seems so negative for your business with all the news of financial gloom and doom. The good news is you can survive the cash crunch with some creative targeted promotional ideas. There are very effective ways to do more with less and now is NOT the time to cut back on marketing.

Any search on the web will reveal this reality in numerous forms of advice and business research. Yet, many businesses will make this detrimental mistake. Your marketing plan actually needs to be more aggressive and comprehensive than ever. D & B Promotionals has a wealth of resources to incorporate targeted and measurable promotional strategies for you. Contact us to develop a business solution for you. We can help you with the following effective solutions and more:

Design a new promotional campaign
Reactivate dormant accounts
Renew old leads
Intensify your marketing strategy
Position yourself as a business leader

D & B Promotionals cares about what is important to you and will work for you for successful solutions in uncertain times. It doesn't cost a thing to ask and that is the best financial deal today - recession or not!


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